Anti-Static cap

We offer you a wide range of anti-static cap s, to minimize risks of ESD failures to sensitive electronics and avoid your hair to fall into the food and your working areas and to avoid dust to contaminate eye or hair etc.,

Anti-Static cap is applied in many industries such as electronics, clean-room area, communications, telecommunications and defense applications.

Material: polyester filament fabric with the use of dedicated high-performance permanent conductive fiber, made with a special weaving process
Fabric choice: 10mm, 5mm stripe, 5mm, 2. 5mm mesh fabric anti-static clean.
Color Selection: White,blue….
We can offer these Anti-Static cap s in several specifications, which can be further customized as per the client's requirements.

Part Number:DBE-HUT-CAP-1
Part Number:DBE-HUT-CAP-2
Part Number:DBE-HUT-CAP-3
Part Number:DBE-FIS-CAP-1
Part Number:DBE-FIS-CAP-2
Part Number:DBE-FIS-CAP-3
Part Number:DBE-FIS-CAP-4
Part Number:DBE-FIS-CAP-5
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