Anti-Static coverall

A set of Anti-Static coverall contains Anti-Static shirt, trousers, antistatic smock, etc. Fabrics of these Anti-Static coverall are made by polyester filament fiber and high-performance permanent 2.5-5mm net conductive silk. Clean room uniforms have both Anti-Static and dustproof characteristics, they made by special process.
Features of Anti-Static coverall:
1. Minimise risks of ESD failures to sensitive electronics due to charged clothing
2. Provide shielding against any surface voltages or voltage transients arising from underlying garments Friction voltage can be lower than 20V.
3. Anti-Static coverall itself doesn't produce and absorb dust but it can prevent the electronics from being damaged by the contamination of dust particles (cleanroom clothing).
4. Dressing comfortably, wash-fast, resistant to alkali and acid.

Specifications of Antistatic Coverall:

Height 180 175 170 165 160
Stripes specifications: 10mm, 5mm , 5mm, 2.5mm mesh
Color: pure white, light blue, pink, grass green, light yellow, etc.
Suits to 10-1000 class clean room or purifying area
Applied : Anti-Static clothing are used in many industries such as electronics, communications, telecommunications and defense applications.
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