Anti-Static tweezer

Conductive plastic tweezer is made of carbon and special plastic, it can avoid contamination caused by traditional antistatic tweezers and can be used in cleanroom below Class 10 of Semiconductor, Hard Disk Drive, Electronics industries, etc.

From left to right :
Part Number:DBE-TWE-93301       Part Number:DBE-TWE-93302       Part Number:DBE-TWE-93302      Part Number:DBE-TWE-93304
Part Number:DBE-TWE-93305       Part Number:DBE-TWE-93306       Part Number:DBE-TWE-93307       Part Number:DBE-TWE-93308
From left to right :
Part Number:DBE-TWE-10       Part Number:DBE-TWE-11       Part Number:DBE-TWE-12   
Part Number:DBE-TWE-13       Part Number:DBE-TWE-14       Part Number:DBE-TWE-15   


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