ESD storage bins, boxes , containers ,rack and cabinets

We manufacture various kinds of ESD storage bins, boxes , containers ,rack and cabinets, these products are made of Polypropylene and conductive additives. They can Safely and securely handles all of your static sensitive electronic components, precision parts and circuit boards, protecting them against from typical electromagnetic interference (EMI), electrostatic or induced fields,providing a barrier which these fields cannot penetrate and prevents the build up of electrostatic . With these containers, you can transport these static sensitive products with ease, thus you can control inventories, shorten assembly times. These ESD storage bins, boxes , containers ,rack and cabinets, are uneffected by weak acids and alkalis also they are water, rust and corrosion proof, affordable, durable.These ESD storage bins, boxes , containers ,rack and cabinets are permanently conductive and unaffected by washing with normal cleaners
Part Number Outer Size Inner Size
DBE-90-DRA 95*105*50MM 80*90*40MM
DBE-145-DRA 165*95*70MM 145*85*60MM
DBE-155-DRA 175*105*80MM 155*90*70MM
DBE-175-DRA 200*130*90MM 175*110*80MM
DBE-215-DRA 235*155*120MM 215*140*110MM
Part Number Outer Size Inner Size
DBE-135-BOX 155*105*55MM 135*85*50MM
DBE-180-BOX 205*135*65MM 180*120*60MM
DBE-220-BOX 255*175*75MM 220*160*70MM
DBE-270-BOX 300*205*90MM 270*185*80MM
Part Number Outer Size Inner Size
DBE-345-BOX 375*250*65MM 345*225*60MM
DBE-410-BOX 440*295*80MM 410*265*75MM
DBE-525-BOX 560*375*75MM 525*340*70MM
DBE-310-BOX 320*235*45MM 310*225*35MM
DBE-445-BOX 480*328*42MM 445*292*35MM
DBE-400-BOX 440*290*50MM 400*265*45MM
DBE-575-BOX 615*420*95MM 575*380*90MM
DBE-430-BOX 450*300*60MM 430*280*50MM
Part Number Outer Size Inner Size
DBE-320-BOX 360*270*135MM 320*240*125MM
DBE-380-BOX 420*310*155MM 380*280*145MM
DBE-470-BOX 500*360*175MM 470*330*165MM
DBE--510-1-BOX 565*420*240MM 510*390*235MM
DBE--510-2-BOX 565*420*300MM 510*390*290MM
DBE--510-3-BOX 565*420*380MM 510*390*375MM
DBE--560-1-BOX 600*500*150MM 560*455*140MM
DBE--560-2-BOX 600*500*160MM 560*460*155MM
DBE--560-3-BOX 600*500*300MM 560*455*290MM
DBE--560-4-BOX 600*500*360MM 560*460*355MM
DBE-580-1-BOX 610*415*245MM 580*380*240MM
DBE-580-2-BOX 615*425*155MM 580*385*145MM
DBE-580-3-BOX 620*425*320MM 580*395*310MM
DBE-340-BOX 380*240*105MM 340*220*90MM
DBE-535-1-BOX 580*368*165MM 535*345*155MM
DBE-535-2-BOX 580*368*200MM 535*345*195MM
DBE-620-BOX 670*410*160MM 620*370*150MM
DBE-680-BOX 720*450*180MM 680*420*170MM
DBE-560-BOX 610*500*400MM 560*455*395MM
DBE-675-BOX 750*560*380MM 675*515*370MM
DBE-610-COVER COVER 610*500*15MM
DBE-575-COVER COVER 575*425*15MM
We can offer you this series box as per your request
Conductive shuttle pallet
Part Number: DBE-1200- PALLET Part Number: DBE-1100- PALLET
Size:1200*1000*140MM Size:1100*1100*150MM
Following boxes are not anti-static ones:
Part number:DBE-350-1-BOX
Outer size:400*300*147mm Inner size:350*255*127mm

Part number:DBE-350-2-BOX
Outer size:400*300*280mm
Inner size:350*255*260mm

Part number:DBE-550-1-BOX
Outer size:600*400*148mm Inner size:550*350*127mm
Part number:DBE-550-2-BOX
Outer size:600*400*280mm
Inner size:550*350*260mm
Part number:DBE-555-BOX
Outer size: 600*400*325mm
Inner size: 555*365*310mm
Part number:DBE-250-BOX
Outer size: 300*200*148mm
Inner size: 250*150*125mm

Part number:DBE-110-BOX
Part number:DBE-170-BOX
Part number:DBE-243-BOX
Part number:DBE-270-BOX
Part number:DBE-345-BOX

Part number:DBE-337-BOX
Part number:DBE-450-BOX
Part number:DBE-452-BOX
Part number:DBE-140-DRA
Part number:DBE-500-DRA
Part number:DBE-600-DRA
Part number:DBE-190-DRA
Part number:DBE-220-DRA

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