A PCB Magazine or PCB Rack is made of volume conductive polypropylene and metal as sidewall, which are used to transport the PCB boards for automated assembly lines.These versatile conductive PCB magazines or racks are an ideal aid in the production, storage and transportation of PCB`s. The strong and robust metal sidewall guarantee that these PCB magazines or racks are durable, which can last a very long time. Also these products are affordable, we can offer you a very competitive pricing.We also can offer you PCB magazines or racks which are applied in high temperature. Easy to use and storage. When you need these PCB magazines or racks, you can assemble them immediately, when you don’t use them, you can dissemble them and put them away. The width of the PCB magazines or racks is adjustable, thus these magazines are suitable for all PCB size. Recyclable

Part Number: DBE-1-MR
Part Number: DBE-2-MR
Part Number: DBE-3-MR
Part Number: DBE-4-MR
Part Number: DBE-5-MR
Part Number: DBE-6-MR
Part Number: DBE-7-MR
Part Number: DBE-8-MR
Part Number: DBE-9-MR
Part Number: DBE-1-PR
Part Number: DBE-2-PR
Part Number: DBE-3-PR
Part Number: DBE-4-PR
Part Number: DBE-5-PR
Part Number: DBE-6-PR
Part Number: DBE-7-PR
Part Number: DBE-8-PR
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