Anti-static Brush / ESD brush is used to remove dirt on PCB board and sensitive device such as a copier, switch, thermal printer, or clean, wash,packing dirt on the surface of electronic components .We offer you following anti-static products:

From left to right :
Part Number:DBE-1-BS       Part Number:DBE-2-BS       Part Number:DBE-3-BS       Part Number:DBE-4-BS
Part Number:DBE-5-BS       Part Number:DBE-6-BS       Part Number:DBE-1-U-SB       Part Number:DBE-2-U-SB
From left to right :
Part Number:DBE-1-BC       Part Number:DBE-2-BC       Part Number:DBE-3-BC       Part Number:DBE-4-BC
Part Number:DBE-5-BC       Part Number:DBE-6-BC       Part Number:DBE-7-BC
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