Anti-static shoes and safety boots are used to prevent a buildup of static charge due to contact with the floor .We offer you a wide range of Anti-Static shoes, these Anti-static shoes are made of Superior PU ,PVC,Canvas, Leather and so on. Our Anti-Static shoes are of superior quality, durability and are affordable. You can be sure we have the right Anti-Static shoes for all your Anti-Static shoes needs.Specification: 22cm-29cm(34 yards-48 yards). The conductivity is 1.0*106~1.0*109. . Those Anti-Static shoes made of superior PU is more comfortable and durable than PVC, The PU is softer then PVS, also it is dustproof anti-skidding. These Anti-Static shoes can discharge body static very well. These Anti-Static shoes are applied for: Clean room and electronic, Semi-conductor industries
Part Number:DBE-WC4H-SH
Part Number:DBE-GC4H-SH
Part Number:DBE-YC4H-SH
Part Number:DBE-BC4H-SH
Part Number:DBE-WS4H-SH
Part Number:DBE-NS4H-SH
Part Number:DBE-C4H-SH
Part Number:DBE-BHR4H-SH
Part Number:DBE-S-1-SH
Part Number:DBE-T-1-SH
Part Number:DBE-T-2-SH
Part Number:DBE-T-3-SH
Part Number:DBE-N
Part Number:DBE-N-L
Part Number:DBE-TBWS-SH
Part Number:DBE-B-1
Part Number:DBE-B-2
Part Number:DBE-B-3
Part Number:DBE-BHR-1-SH
Part Number:DBE-BHR-2-SH
Part Number:DBE-BHR-3-SH
Part Number:DBE-BHR-4-SH


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