SMD Single Splice Tape
single splice tape
Part Nomber Description Package
DBE-S08 SMD single splice tape for 8mm Belts( 4in 1)   4000PCS/box
DBE-S12 SMD single splice tape for 12mm Belts( 4in 1) 4000PCS/box
DBE-S16 SMD single splice tape for 16mm Belts( 4in 1) 4000PCS/box
DBE-S24 SMD single splice tape for 24mm Belts( 4in 1) 2000PCS/box
SMD Double Splice Tape
double splice tape
Part Nomber Description Package
DBE-D08 SMT Double Splice Tape 8mm 500pcs /box
DBE-D12 SMT Double Splice Tape 12mm 500pcs /box
DBE-D16 SMT Double Splice Tape 16mm 500pcs /box
DBE-D24 SMT Double Splice Tape 24mm 250pcs /box
DBE-D32 SMT Double Splice Tape 32mm 250pcs /box
SMD Splice Clip
smd splice clip

SMT Splice Clip


SMD Splice Tool
splice cutter
Part Nomber Description Package Application
DBE-S20 SMT Splice Cutter 8mm 1pcs/box For 8mm carrier tape
DBE-S30 SMT Splice Cutter 12mm 1pcs/box For 12mm and above carrier tape
DBE-S10 SMT Splice Tool  1pcs/box For all splice tape

SMT Cover Tape Extender

Product Description

The products are available and packed in special cartons.

The bond between the tape extender and the original cover tape is sufficient to ensure that they will not separate, even after prolonged time under tension

SMT Cover Tape Extender
P/N Description of Goods Quantity Application

SMT Super Cover Tape Extender  8 & 12mm 5mm * 396mm

500pcs/box For 8 & 12mm carrier tape

SMT Cover Tape Extender 16mm 9.1mm * 396mm

500pcs /box For 16mm carrier tape

SMT Cover Tape Extender 24mm 18mm * 396mm

250pcs /box For 24mm carrier tape

SMT Cover Tape Extender 32mm 26mm * 396mm

250pcs /box For 32 & 44mm carrier tape




. ICP05024986