We all know that it’s a trouble to set up double sides PCB board with high density of components if you use PIN, JIG, now you can solve this problem with ease with our PCB-Support-Pin-Blocks/Matrix.

※ Just put the PCB board on the PCB-Support-Pin-Blocks/Matrix , you needn’t so any other things, it really save your time.
※ Our PCB-Support-Pin-Blocks/Matrix is very soft, so all components on your PCB board will not be damaged.
※ Our PCB-Support-Pin-Blocks/Matrix is anti-static, it avoids static damages your components.
※ Durable—Our PCB-Support-Pin-Blocks/Matrix  can be repeatedly used more than 6000hours with the temperature lower than 100℃
※Our PCB-Support-Pin-Blocks has a magnetic bottom, what you need isjustput it on the board, or for some special machine, it canbe fixes with screws.Now we can offer you PCB-Support-Pin-Blocks for most common machines such as Philips, Fuji, Panasonic, Siemen, Universal, Juki and so on.

Dimensions: 125*40*20mm(L*W*H), it can be cut into any size as you want.


. ICP05024986